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Welcome to Texas Outback Kennels! TOK is an elite breeder of the Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog. Our Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are top notch and our dogs speak for themselves.Your Texas Outback Kennels Alapaha will be 100% Alapaha and we back it up by being a part of the only registry that DNA's the Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog - The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog AssociationWe offer healthy loyal companion bulldogs that perform when needed. We have over 20 yrs experience breeding bulldogs and know what it takes to produce a  good stable show quality dog that will be a loyal companion to you and your family. TOK Alapahas are bred in the Texas weather so we know what it takes to breed a healthy dog that can endure the Texas heat. We breed for healthy genetics and longer life spans so you can rest easy knowing that your Alapaha Puppy will be with your family for years to come and Texas Outback Kennels will always here too! Most people have tons of questions in the days and months after getting their new pup, feel free to call Ken. He is always available to answer your questions and loves to talk about the Alapaha.  Every puppy is welped by family and friends so we do get attached your new puppies and we miss them when they are gone, we love seeing them at shows and encourage you to send pics to keep us updated your Alapahas growth

Your TOK Alapaha will come to you full of energy and eager to learn.  These puppies are bred to have awesome genetics and need play time. We encourage you to introduce the pup to the family and kids right away. Love them and make your puppy comfortable in your home. Once you do this your TOK pup will trust you and be on the way to becoming a loyal companion. Start training the pup, and take them to the park for exercise and walks. this builds the puppy stamina and confidence at a young age. Get ready for compliments from bystanders because these dogs stop traffic -they look just that great! When meeting strangers pull your dog to you so dog stands by your side, this will teach the dog how to react to strangers. ( contact Ken for more info on this)

Take your time browsing the site and when you're ready to talk call Ken to find out about currently available puppies and upcoming breedings.

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You will find the best studs the alapaha breed has to offer at TOK. All TOK Studs come from Championship CRK BlOODLINES and are proven producers.




TOK PUPS  are the most sought after pups in the bred.  Stay up to date with our upcoming breeding and availabe pups...


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It's an Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog - shouldn't it look like one?  We breed for consistency.


TOK Alapaha's are bred to be strong and fit. NO Swaybacks, No Eastie Westie at TOK

The Drive

A TOK Alapaha performs ANY task - from long walks to protection . Rest assured that your TOK Alapaha will have the drive and stamina to get the job done.

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We love to show our Alapahas? While some breeders hide behind the internet and bad mouth others to get sales. TOK shows up. We constantly show consistency by posting our Alapaha Pups on our facebook page 

and you can find a TOK Bred Alapaha at Any ABBA SHOW across the Country. 

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" TOK Alapaha's speak for themselves ... The LOOK, The BONE, The DRIVE... QUALITY AT IT'S BEST!"

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Texas Outback Kennels is award winning producer of the rare Alapaha Blue-blood Bulldog breed. TOK has many bred many great Multi-Grand Champions and Loyal Family Companions. TOK prides itself in providing our adoptee families with  healthy , stable , loyal alapaha puppies that will grow to rise to any challenge.

If your looking for an alapaha, look no further than TOK. We offer a 100% puppy replacement guarantee on any pup that grows up and does not meet the ABBA standard. 

Browse our site and find out why TOK is the considered the Top Breeder of the ALAPAHA BLUE BLOOD BULLDOG!

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