Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies (ABBA)

Texas Outback Kennels has the best Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Puppies Available

( the Images & DNA don’t lie)

TOK Alapaha Puppies possess great temperaments, stability, and athletics. Texas (TOK) Alapaha Blue blood bulldog puppies have awesome bones and structure. Our Alapaha Puppies will grow up to be loyal companions and will lead from your command. TOK Alapahas make great family companions while providing the security you need.

The best way to see what breeding we have and available pups to follow us on our Social Media. We consistently post images of our dogs as puppies and you will find many happy owners on our social media pages.  Don’t be fooled by breeders who mix breed and scatter breed Alapahas. Ken’s Alapahas are consistent and the look and lines proof it. All Alapahas come from CRK line and are Registered with the Alapaha Blue -Blood Association. Our puppies go so fast that it’s hard to keep our site updated with current pups.

 Ken prefers speaking directly to perspective new puppy owners, so feel free to call or text him @ 1(214)571-8574 now